Four Views Hotels


Located on the hill that takes its name from São João Fortress (built in the 15th century), the The Views Baia Hotel lies in the heart of Funchal, a mere 5-minute walk from the city centre, sitting comfortably at 60 meters over the sea in a privileged location that enjoys an exclusive panoramic view of the bay of Funchal and its surroundings.

The The Views Baia Hotel is also quite close to the gateway leading to the main roads in Madeira, providing you with easy access if you want to explore the island, whichever direction you choose.

Local attractions near the hotel:

Four Views Baia Hotel

Avenida Arriaga

Four Views Baia Hotel

Baltazar Dias Theatre


Municipal Gardens

Four Views Baia Hotel



Rua Fernão d’Ornelas (high-street shopping)


São João Fortress

Four Views Baia Hotel

Santa Catarina Park

Four Views Baia Hotel

Avenida do Mar


Funchal’s Marina

Four Views Baia Hotel

Quinta das Cruzes


La Vie Shopping Centre